Enrich your data to get deeper insights about your users

Use trusted data to get more knowledge about your users and create personalized customer experience
Customer Insights

Know your customers better

Utilize privacy-safe data sourced from over 20 industries to craft a distinctive experience and optimize your online marketing endeavors.

Do you struggle with a complete understanding of insights into your customers' needs?

Missed opportunities

Lack of action

Poor ROI

Wasted budgets

We connect the dots.
You get the full customer view

Improve Customer Experience

Guarantee an outstanding customer experience by using data. Know your users and personalize their online journey.

Get deeper insights about users

Use data gathered from over 20 industries to create a full view of your users and make your campaigns perfectly fitted to your users’ needs

Boost loyalty and growth

Elevate your business with personalized experiences crafted from customer feedback. Build trust and engagement for continuous growth.


Choose raw or segmented data to fill the gaps in your users profiles

We are a trusted partner and leading Adtech company with footprints across Africa and the world at large. We are integrated with global DSP platforms and data distributors, so you can easily run campaigns for selected target groups by choosing our data on the preferred platform.

Effortlessly streamline and organize content monetization data in one centralized hub. Access comprehensive insights, including revenue streams, audience preferences, and engagement metrics, empowering your team to optimize and personalize monetization strategies for maximum efficiency

Raw data

Provides insights into:
  • Network used
  • Browser Used
  • device used
  • and many more attributes
Adtech company
segmented data

Segmented data

The data processed on our proprietary data platform includes info about:
  • interest
  • demographics
  • purchase intentions
  • brands

Let’s talk about
enriching your users’
profiles with trusted

Let’s talk about enriching your users’ profiles with trusted data

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