Reach your audience globally with trusted data

Target your audience with high-quality data from over 20 industries to maximize your campaigns efficiency

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Data platform

With our proprietary data platform, we process data from over 1000 devices daily to create high-quality segments ready to help you reach your target audience.

Improve your marketing. Create an audience-data experience

We deliver trusted audience data created with
machine learning algorithms based on data
signals such as page views, URLs, keywords, or time
spent on digital content. Users’ profiles are
constructed on our proprietary data platform with attention paid to details. You can choose data in
two general areas.

Leverage detailed insights into your audience’s demographics, behaviors, and preferences to tailor campaigns with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

Improve your marketing strategy through a dynamic audience-data experience. Analyze customer interactions, gather feedback, and utilize data-driven insights to refine your approach.

20+ segments to find your best audience

With our data, you can easily find audiences by

  • demography
  • purchase intentions
  • interests & Events
  • or create your own custom segments

Need audience data to reach your target group effectively? Let’s talk!

Need audience data to reach your target group effectively? Let’s talk!

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